Insurance Agency Management Systems Comparison: Complete Guide

An ultimate guide for insurance agencies

Insurance Agency Management Systems Georgia (AMS) refers to an insurance agency’s SaaS (software as a service) technology for streamlining exercises and improving partnerships with brokers. Moreover, with clients, prospects, and various partners. It also helps your organization by incorporating technology to organize the process, strengthen relationships, and grow your business. This blog also covers insurance agency management systems comparison. Read further!

The best Insurance Agency Management Systems in Georgia are: 

  • Applied Epic
  • AMS360
  • HawkSoft
  • Applied TAM
  • QQCatalyst
  • Jenesis


Insurance agency management systems comparison

According to the Independent Insurance Agents of Maryland (IIAMD), there are more than 70 AMS options available in the USA. You can therefore choose an insurance carrier from a simple CSR to a sophisticated multi-user system. Below are a few steps to follow while choosing the best of many.

Before you see the steps to follow, you can also go through several best free CRM for insurance agents which you can incorporate into your agency.

insurance agency management systems comparison

 Identify your goals 

First, understand the needs of your insurance agent brokerage firmWhat are your objectives to start an insurance business? Then think about a few questions about the objectives of using AMS. For example, why don’t the current techniques show up for you? What do you think of the AMS? What are your long-term goals from now on? Or, again, in the next ten years? And your goals need to be transparent and observable. In addition, the insurance agency management system that you choose should be consistent with the objectives.

Search for available Insurance AMS

Check for solutions available to suit your needs. Likewise, look for business newsletters, participate in customer community meetings, go to conferences, browse the internet, etc. Use these platforms to collect information to help you select Georgia’s most reliable insurance agency management systems for your agency. Client community meetings are a fantastic source of experience-based input from AMS. You can follow client communities with the assistance of a sales representative of the AMS.

Evaluate AMS 

The cost of the AMS has an impact on the purchase decision. Therefore look out for cyber security insurance and cyber liability insurance to secure your AMS system. But you should know the requirement of the Agency Management System for day-to-day operations. Consider the performance, effectiveness, cost savings due to error detection, etc. that the system can bring to your agency. Although cost is a significant factor, note that AMS without practical application is as good as no AMS. 

To sum up, the insurance agency management systems in Georgia is a critical aspect for your insurance agency as it deals with your client ties and the advancement of automation. In addition, back-end functionality is made simpler with AMS. Choose from a range of market alternatives that fit your priorities, criteria, and budget for your independent insurance brokerage.


insurance agency management systems
insurance agency management systems